Joe Williams home
I just got done with mid-terms and currently have more work to do than during mid-term week. Needless to say I am going for a ride. Tosh (back from the JPN), Nick "He's got me sprung" Coil and Dan "I'm not a douche bag but my initials are DB" Bischoff are headed out for a spin today. I hope Nick doesn't want to do Marshall Rd. 30 times, I started running this week and my legs are sore as hell. Regardless of what we do on the bike, it is 81 degrees currently. I will enjoy it while it lasts. In other news, I sent my application for the Belguim cycling program ( in this week. Hopefully they accept me! Something interesting, my mom called. I was baptized today 21 years ago. She sang a song to me over the phone about it.
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