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Went out for a ride today, it was great. 50 miles in the warm, sunny weather was welcomed. If you are not in the mid-west you are lucky, the past week (basically since I came home from FLA) the weather has sucked. All we have had is rain and snow. Although I did get a trainer for Christmas I would rather not use it if I do not have to. Also, I start a new phase in my training plan this week. The workouts I begin doing this week are more intense than the last period. This should be getting me more ready to race. Speaking of which the collegiate race schedule for the mid-west conference is available. Sat 26th Feb DePauw Sun 27th Feb DePauw Sat 5th Mar Ohio Univ Sun 6th Mar Ohio State Univ Sat 12 Mar Lindsey Wilson Sun 13 Mar Lindsey Wilson Sat 26th March Marian Sat 2nd Apr Purdue Sun 3rd Apr Purdue Sat 9th Apr W Michigan Univ Sun 10th Apr W Michigan Univ Sat 16th Apr Miami Sun 17th Apr Marian Sat 23rd Apr Univ of Illinois Sun 24th Apr Univ of Illinois Sat 13th May Kansas University *Collegiate Nationals Sun 14th May Kansas University *Collegiate Nationals Should be a good, tough season. Hopefully we can qualify for nationals. Welp, my last semester starts tomorrow, wish me luck.
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