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In an interesting turn of events Matt DeCanio (planning to return to cycling for 2005) was released from Ofoto. Article: "'The main thing that I think is important to understand is that the reason we've asked Matt to leave the team is not because of his views, or his admission of doping,' Kadis said. 'In the time since he's been a member of the team there have been specific violations of team policies that Matt voluntarily made with team management. The First Amendment protects censorship from the government, but it doesn't protect employees, or independent contractors in this case, from abiding by a contractual agreement'" I found this quote funny. This quote makes them sound as if they do not have a problem with doping as long as Matt keeps his mouth shut. Additionally, if it wasn't either of those things why are you firing him? I figure he his getting fired because instead of being passive and using his website to say "Just Say No" he used it to name names and come clean about everything. The controversial websites: Good luck Matt, fight the good fight.
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