Joe Williams home
Like most Sundays I went long. Today the group was, up and coming SLU superstar Josh Mueller, another SLU phenom Ryan Wilson, soon to be pro Mike Lanyon and yours truly. What made this ride interesting all the bad timing and random-ness. Coming up St. Paul Rd. Ryan made a wrong turn and and I asked some crazy hillbillies if they had saw him, they did, so I went to find him. The same country folk had also talked to him. The imagination runs wild with the possiblities of what they had in mind for us. Later, Ryan bonked on Wood Rd. and decided it was best to head home. Not 100 meters after leaving Ryan, Josh flats. We get rolling again and head down by Babler and Wild Horse Creek. After topping and decending Orville Rd. my cell phone rings. Josh had flatted again this time without tube. He decides to call his aunt (who lives near by) to hitch a ride home. The 50% heads on to Khers Mill. As we are climbing into Clarkson Valley this woman lays on the horn for what seems a least a minute or more and then proceds to tell me "have fun riding with your little f#%k buddy" while throwing a snotty tissue at me. I think she was having a bad day. After stopping for a soda and snickers we to Forest Park and home. All in all it was a great ride. Good miles with good people (except for the nutty lady). I got almost 6hrs in the saddle and about 90 miles in my legs. I'm ready for some Qdoba and to do it all over again.
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