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Welp folks, today was my first ride on the new components. Here's what I got: -Easton EC90 SLX Fork -Shimano Dura-Ace Rear Derailleur (10sp) -Shimano Dura-Ace Shifters (9sp) -Chris King Headset -Bontrager Buzzkill Bar Plugs The low down: This afternoon the first thing I noticed was the smooth ride. I was completely surprised how buttery soft my bike floated over chatter in the road. I am not sure if it was the full carbon fork, the Buzzkill plugs or both, but I like it. Second, I noticed how crisp but smooth shifting felt. New cables, housing (sorry, no more fluorescent green), shifters and rear derailleur do a bike good. I suppose almost three years of wear and tear really does a number. Lastly, the King headset. What can I say, tried and true, ten year warranty and obviously sexy. The only thing that would make it more arousing is it to come in pink. Thanks to Dan Tille for staying late and helping with the installation. I've never had someone like you work on my bike before. Thanks to Maplewood Bicycle for the discounts and facilities.
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