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Training: Things are going well. I am in the middle of my first "race prep" stage. I am putting in 16-17 hours a week right now with some varying length and intensity LT intervals. After doing mine today I was toast, I don't think it has ever taken me that long to ride home from FoPo. At the weight room I am currently maintaining what I have built, twice a week. Mid next month the hours will increased (18-22hrs) and the intervals will be intensified. Racing: My first race should be this weekend. A small local race near Cinncinati. Apartently it has a 25% climb in it, sounds sort of dreadfull. The following weekend the Mid West Collegaite races start at DePauw with a road race and crit. School: Had my first test of the semester today. All I got to say is 50 minutes is not enough time to complete 25 physics word problems. Tomorrow I have a Oracle Database test which should be a breeze. Got to love it when your last major-related course is easy. Misc: I have a job interview tomorrow in Belleville. The swap meet went well for me I sold all my old parts except for my headset. So if you want a almost new Cane Creek S2, let me know. Thanks go out to Ralph Pfremmer for the Belgium donation! Belgium benefit group ride and dinner info page: Thanks John for putting it up! I'm out, trainer time for a bit.
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