Joe Williams home
It's the last week of the current phase, it will be about 275 miles and 17 hours. I will be headed to DePauw this weekend for two collegaite races. A road race on Saturday and crit on Sunday. Looking forward to next week it is a transition/rest week, well deserved I might add. Lukily, it is also mid-term week so the reduced miles should help me allot more time to work on school stuff. As far as school goes, things are pretty easy. My toughest class is physics. The difficulty is more with the teacher than the subject matter and the fact that the tests are much more about speed than knowledge or comprehension. The following week (March 7-11) is spring break! I am having a "training camp" in my home town of Murphysboro, IL. It should be a good time and there should be a good group of guys coming down. It looks like we will be doing about 19 hours that week. Lets just pray for good weather and good legs.
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