Joe Williams home
Ok, it is 1:45am and I just got back from the SLU perineal favorite, Humphrey's. This place is entirely humorous. I most of the night I sat with my good friend Riley and people watched. In doing so I have the following observations. #1) People talk, but have nothing to say. And in most cases guys just nod and let the girl talk. I saw many examples of this tonight. #2) In my opinion, 99.99% of the women in attendence are undateable, reason: see #1. #3) Everything is a show. It's like peacock mating season and everyone wants to see plumage. With guys it's more vocal or noise related. With women it is more subdued and subtle. But in both cases it is very physical. Interesting time and place. There is nothing quite like the quintessential college bar.
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