Joe Williams home
This past week I spent my time training at home in Murphysboro, IL. I love riding at home, the roads are very quiet and there is some great terrain. Here's how it went. Saturday: Webster Starbucks ride with my Maplewood teammates and the guys from Gateway. We did a hilly ride on the south side. All in all about 65 miles worth. Sunday: Faner Noon-30 ride with the Carbondale guys. Pretty fast 2 hour ride, we did about 40 miles. Monday: Easy day. Tuesday: I did 65 miles by myself. It was fun, on my way home I ended up doing a gravel road that turned into a fire road that turned into a four-wheeler path. Good times. Wednesday: Dan Bischoff decided to come down and we did a long ride with some Team Mack guys. It was a tough, windy ride and ended up with 82 miles on the day. Thursday: We decided to check out my fundraiser group ride course, Dan, my brother and I got in a good 50 miles in. (A couple changes were made and now its 60 miles) Friday: Easy day. Saturday: I attempted to race at Sylvan Springs. My legs were pretty toasted. Sunday: I felt lazy all day (probably from being out till 2am) and did 2 hours on the trainer. All in all it was a pretty good week of training, it was really nice being able to come home and do nothing after riding.
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