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This is my racing plan for the next couple months. Apr 2 and 3 - Purdue RR (68mi) and Crit (70min) Apr 9 - Hillsboro Roubaix RR (88mi) Apr 16 and 17 - Miami RR (?mi) and Marian Crit (?min) Apr 23 and 24 - U of I RR (50mi) and Crit (60min) *Collegiate Regionals Apr 30 and May 1 - Apple Pie RR (63mi) and Michelob Ultra Grand Prix Crit (65min) May 7 and 8 - McMinnville Stage Race, RR (110mi) crit (60min) TT (2.5) May 13-15 - Collegiate Road Nationals RR (85mi) crit (70min) or Joe Martin Stage Race RR (113mi) RR (92mi) TT (2.5mi) Crit (85min) May 28-30 - Quad Cities Criteriums
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