Joe Williams home
As usual we made our stop in Effingham to get dinner at El Rancherito. It is a small local Mexican restaurant and it seems like the are always busy. After waiting for our table we sat down and ordered drinks. Waiting for our meal I mentioned that we must go through Champaign, IL to reach our destination of Lafayette, IN. A woman sitting near us who's boyfriend had just left to pay the bill turns and said "you're going to Champaign?" I said we were headed through Champaign on our way to Lafayette. Assuming they were travelers I asked "Are you headed to the game?" (the game being the final four). She replies "no" then I ask if she goes to school at U of I, again she replies "no". Adding "we go to on line college but he owns a business and I model." She turns around and waits for a couple seconds then gets up to meet her partner that just completed paying for the bill. As she began to scooch out of the booth it became more and more obvious she was indeed a model. She kept getting taller and taller reaching a height of 6ft (with heels). The two meet and exit. Climbing into the canary yellow Corvette parked outside our window and they speed off leaving us unfulfilled and thinking “WTF.”.
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