Joe Williams home
We began to build a relationship at work. I had fixed her laptop a few times and we got to talking when she would come by. She seemed nice enough and was attractive. As with most girls that show any sort of interest I return that interest with flirtation. But that's beside the point. Making my rounds one day, I had to stop by a secretary office to fix the printer. On the way I noticed her studying and wandered over to say "hi." By the end of the conversation I had mustered the guts to ask her out. To my surprise she obliged, and I put her number in my cell phone and went back to work. A few days later I found out that I was headed to New Mexico for Collegiate MTB Nationals. I happened to run into her again and asked for a rain check, which wasn't a problem. Later that day before I left, I found her to wish her a good weekend and tell her I was headed out and would be leaving the following day. I did a last minute check of the email prior to leaving my apartment and received one from her. I got excited, thinking it was something nice. Here is was it said: "Hi Joe, I hope I wasn't leading you on or anything but I have A boyfriend and we live together. Good luck racing!"
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