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After racing like poo at Miami on Saturday I was in need of a decent race. Marian's annual collegaite crit is one of the toughest of the season. Sunday was slated to be no different, 40 laps of the technical 1 mile course. After spending the first quater of the race near the front and attempting a few primes I was still feeling good and sat in and ended up watching the winning break go up the road. With 10 or 15 to go we were lapped and then in good form passed by both riders. With 2 to go I was in great position riding about 5th or 6th wheel. Going into the last lap I got swarmed and got stuck in the pack with about 20 riders ahead of me. Going through corner 3, to my dismay, a huge pile up. I slowed and didn't go down but I did ride over a guys bike. I did everything thing I could to bridge up to the lead group to no avail. I finished up with 14th on the day.
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