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The Boss Another trip to El Rancherito in Effingham, IL. We sat down and I ordered the usual, bean burritos with nacho cheese sauce, a side of rice and a Coke. About half way through I went to the restroom to take care of some business. Little did I know but I will also be taking care of real business too. As I sat my phone rings, after seeing the number I panic and answer. It is my boss, he has run into a problem with a students laptop and begins to rack my brain. So...I am sitting on the toilet and my boss is asking me computer questions. Oh and the student is in the office with him with the speaker phone on! I continue to answer his barrage of question about Windows Recovery Console. Eventually he finishes, then I do and go back to dinner. The Dirty On the way to Champaign we stop to get gas at Pesotum, IL. A speck of a town and a very shady gas station. We stop and Carleton (a teammate of mine) opens his door, the wind catches it and slams it into the 4-Runner drivers side door sitting parallel to us. Not two seconds pass and the driver begins to scream. "What is your f&$king problem?" "Watch what the f&$k are you doing!?" Before getting out he turns around and gives his son some money and tells him to go inside and get a snack. Waiting in line the boy tells Will (another teammate of mine) he should be happy his daddy is in a good mood tonight. Meanwhile outside, the angry man opens the door and without even checking out the damage begins to interrogate Carl about how much money he has in his wallet. Carl doesn't have much and gives the guy a 20 spot to pacify him and mutters "The wind just caught it, it was an accident.” The redneck replies "Next time watch what the f&$k you are doing! I know my car is a piece of shit, but damn! You should be glad I am in a good mood. Damn it!" The hillbilly returns to his car and settles down. About 30 seconds later he yells at me to give him the insurance info, after watching me look for it for a few minutes he drives off and we go on our way. Luckily we got out of it with our heads still attached and without any damage to our car.
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