Joe Williams home
Day 3: The crit was insane. Soaking wet roads and fast speeds made this race unreal. As for me, I woke up to a snot filled head, a cough and a body that ached. I ended up lasting about half the race, which I thought was good considering. I got some Nyquil and dinner and went to bed. Day 4: Feeling much better I went into the road race ready to make something happen. I got a good spot on the starting grid in the second row. I had great positioning the entire race and was even in a break away attempt. About half way through the race (mile 40ish) I notice the wheel truck flying past the entire feild. Not two minutes later I get a flat, with no wheel truck behind me. Completely stupid. I end up riding back part of the way and hitch a ride with a medic truck. Once they get me back to the parking lot I go to unload my bike and they drive off. Leaving me to walk down the gravel road to the car. Eventually I did get my bike back but it was a great topper to the rest of the day. Oh well.
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