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One of my favorite sites The Superficial is running an article about Tom Cruise and Matt Lauer discussing Scientology. Link Here are some other articles: More More... More... Drudge Report Article If nothing else these are fairly humorus. But, after reading the Wikipedia entry for Scientology I have come to the conclusion that these people are cracked out. Case and point: "Those that reach the higher teachings (OT III) within the Church of Scientology will learn all about Xenu, the evil intergalactic ruler who implanted "thetans" or alien spirits, in earth's volcanoes 75 million years ago, after which they escaped and invaded human bodies. The ultimate belief of Scientology is that you are possessed by the spirits of aliens murdered 75 million years ago by "Xenu" and you have to exorcise these spirits. The cost of reaching OT III approaches $360,000." Not to mention that it was created by a sci-fi author from Nebraska (L. Ron Hubbard) in 1952...because he has expert knowledge of what happend within "volcanos 75 million years ago." Are you serious?!?! This is for real? You guys are getting duped. This almost as good as the Time Cube and its Florida retiree and senile creator Gene Ray. Let me know what you guys think.
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