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Almost a hometown race today in Beernem. It's just 20 minutes riding from Hertsberg. The race was huge tonight, 140 racers on a weeknight! It was also as expected very fast. The course was good for me, one small power climb, wide open and flat, one really long flat and straight section (around 4km) with a couple 180 degree turns (see pics) and 4 or 5 sweeping turns. On the straight section of the course I was geared out in my 53-12 a handfull of times. The big accelerations happend on that part of the course. Around mile 35 I bridged a gap during an attack and looked down and saw 36mph on my speedometer. I sat in for a while after hurt. All in all the race averaged 30mph for about 70 miles. Lukily, I had my best finish so far, I lasted about 50 miles into it. I am pretty stoked, hopefully this continues. The team also had four finishers which is really good too.
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As you can see here I also got bet on by some crazy Belgians. I geuss my odds were 30-10 tonight? (Is that the same as 3 to 1? Post if you know.) I think my next race is on Sunday. Talk to you then.
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