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Welp folks, I got back last night from my Brussels/London expedition. I ended up going by myself (the other guy on the team cancelled last minute). Nevertheless, it was a great trip. I left Monday morning and spent a few hours in Brussels checking out a few of the sights. The pics can be found:Brussels. Then I hopped on the train, went thru the chunnel and landed in London in about 2.5hrs time. Pretty fast. I wasn't sure where to go when I arrived so I just started walking. This proved to be a good method. I found some fairly significant sights just wandering around. I saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and took the subway to the Oxford Circus the first day. While I walked I got a good feel for the city. I really liked it, I could see myself living there. It's really clean and everyone I talked to was very friendly. By the end of the day I was beat and my feet hurt. The second day I ended up seeing Buckingham Palace (mostly by chance) and Picadilly Cicrus. Something I noticed though is that the Britsh are very snappy dressers. Especially the men. I have never seen so many awesome suits and cool, flashy ties in my life. There wasn't anything wrong with the women either, much better than Hertsberg, Belguim... By this point I was pretty tired of walking. So I took the subway to the train station to head home. The highlight of my trip was the subway (they call it "the tube"). I think I could have just rode it around all day and been as happy as a clam. My London pics are here:London. But back to training and racing. Good times.
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