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Fast race today. There were a few pros here today too, I saw at least one rider from Chocolade Jacques and a couple from a few smaller teams. I've been feeling pretty tired, this being something like my 10-11th race since coming over I'm not surprised. I suppose it's good timing though, I will be heading home on Monday. This was probably my last race in Belgium, although I may race Saturday. We will see how I feel. In other news, I am getting a bike fit done on Friday. Our bike fit guy fits many of the pros here in Belgium (Axel Merckx and etc). The last guy that went had Nico Mattan (2005 Gent-Wevelgem winner) walk in while he was being fit. Pretty cool. Edit: Mattan won the 2005 Gent-Wevelgem not 2005 Flanders, thanks finding the typo poster.
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