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The bike fit was really cool. The old man does it in a little shed behind his house retro-fitted with all his tools and stands. He spoke very little English, in fact I think I could speak more Dutch. He started by measuring me (arms, torso, legs etc). Then he worked on the numbers using a calculator. I have no idea what he did, then presto he has all the numbers in the photo. Next, he started changing my bike to fit like the numbers he came up with. In the end my saddle height was right on but I needed to move forward by about 2-3cm and level my saddle angle out. I also needed a longer stem by 1cm. He also removed about 3cm of spacers from under my stem. Once done he rotated my bars down just a bit. Lastly, he adjusted my cleats. From what I gather I was sitting too far back and upright. My new position will pull me forward and over the front of the bike. He said that I should be able to put more power to the pedals and have better handling with this setup. We will see how it works tomorrow in the race. I'm sure it will take some getting used to. I also got my hair cut today. Nothing special...but I was looking through the tabliods and saw pro cyclists! There were articles about Robbie McEwen and Tom Boonen. Anyway, I found this humorous.
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