Joe Williams home
[This is my attempt at a post as fruity as Dan Bruns] [The names and places have been changed to protect the innocent] [This is the boring part] Ban Dischoff. [This part is kinda good] Ban came over tonight, little did he know about what he was getting himself into. I played PS2, while he borrowed my internet. Then we went and got food from Zchnucks. Afterwards, we destroyed my old hard drive on the street out front. After a few blows it sounded like a maraca. Eventually it was in two pieces. [This is the good part] So then Ban and I went again to the nearby Zchnucks at around midnight tonight, this morning or something. The reason? "We were bored as hell and wanted to get ill." We first noticed that it is a local law that one cannot sell achohol after 12am on Sundays. Upon inqury we were told by the pudgy sister that happend to be the security guard on shift dropped this tid bit of knowledge on us, "they jus' don' do it." We we then informed to go to the east side by the "titty bars, they gots all sorts of beer over there." So I got a Nutragous and a Mountian Dew. Ban got a orange Vess. [This is my plea to my mother] No mom I am not drunk and no I didn't drink tonight. We were just bored and decided to go do something and the Zchnucks was open. [This is my arguement] I am by no means a "drinker" but this law is stupid. What is the purpose? If someone plans on getting wasted on a Sunday night they will most likely start before midnight. I just don't see the point in such an ordiance.
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