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So here is my idea. During the Cold War the Russians put "spy children" up for adoption in the US. They have been planted with tracking and mind control devices. At the end of the Cold War the project is abandonded and the kids are left unmonitored yet the mind contol is left in place. [Cut to the present] During construction of a new goverment building the underground control center for the project is uncovered in Moscow. Upon finding it the goverment does a formal investigation and locates each of the now adult children. They have led otherwise "normal" lives but they have huge, warehouse amounts of data on everything from everyday life as a US citizen to nuclear missle silo locations. The Russian government then takes all the data back to Russia to process, during the trip many of the documents are stolen and sold to North Korea. North Korea then enters into war with the US and gives them an ultamatum, relinquish all nuclear arms or prepare for nuclear holocast and complete goverment take over. To save the US, two CIA workers (think Matt Damon and Ben Afleck) have to use their unique skills and teamwork to uncover the knowledge to bring down North Korea. This is copyrighted material. I reserve all rights to this premise and supporting ideas. (C) Joseph A. Williams 2005.
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