Joe Williams home
So, lately, as you may know, I haven't been riding much. Instead, I have been playing Scrabble with Dan Bischoff. Yes, that family game you last played with your 'grammy' five years ago when she was in the hospital getting colonoscopy. The past two nights we have played til 4 AM. Sounds stupid you say? Oh, on the contrary it is quite the game, competition is fierce and no holds are barred. Last night with the word "tenors" I took control of the final game. Needless to say I needed the win, considering Dan beat me the five games prior. Contrary to popular belief I am indeed literate and some would say intelligent. My skills are no match, Dan is indeed the man. Dan Bischoff, king of all word nerds, the Scrabble master. We salute you! Click on the picture for his blog.
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