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The race season is nearing, so it's time for me to start gearing up for racing. My training this fall/winter had a very slow start. I started my new job, dealt with a massive bout of post Belguim burn out and general life stuff that just kept me focused on other things than the bike. Saddly enough, I bascially started training for the '06 season about three weeks ago. Not all that great, but I'm not racing collegaite any more so the season doesn't get underway nearly as early. Even with the late start I am hopefull of a promising season. What makes this season exciting is how "new" it is. I have a new coach, Tosh Yoshino, who stepped up after John Erhardt my coach of 4 years moved and started a new job in Oklahoma City. I am looking forward to working with Tosh, as he has been a mentor and friend of mine for a few years. I also have a new set of race wheels being built which I am stoked about. Zipp 404 rims on Hugi 240s and Sapim spokes. Alex at The Hub will have these done in the coming weeks. Thanks to my little bro for the big discount on the rims. This is also my first season as a non-student, in the real world so to speak. I am sure I will have to find a new balance to my life, work and cycling. Hopefully favoring cycling. Another exciting tid bit is that was invited back to Cycling Center in Belguim. While I am unsure if this would be possible, my employer has ok'ed me going. So we will see. I would be going until the summer so, I have a long time to try to figure it all out. Thats about it for now. Not much else going on, just me and Motorboat (my cat) hanging out watching PBS.
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