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When I started my job as a systems engineer I didn't realize that I would be working in management. Mind you, my job is not a management position. This is personal management. Arranging all my daily tasks in an order that I can fit everything in and attempt to get home at a decent hour. This is much more difficult than it was in college. More free time allowed me to fudge here and there. Now it's a little different. I work 2pm to 10:30pm. I like the hours. In college I could decide to sleep in instead of riding before class and just ride after. This doesn't work anymore. If I don't ride in the morning, I don't get to ride. No fudge factor. This may sound simple but in reality it is not. You see I work for a small company. This is something that I have always wanted. It probably stems from growing up with two parents that own their own business. I am coming to know the small company life style better than when I was growing up. The hard and fast truth of it is, is that when shit hits the fan you are one of a hand full of people that can deal with it. No fudge factor. Lately here at Contegix business has been really good. So good in fact that I rarely get off on time. I really don't see this as a problem, I like what I do. But I am using it to point out my situation of learning how to manage what I have going on. For instance, I stay at work late, it makes it much harder to wake up to ride. At any rate, like I said...I like what I do and this is not a complaint. By no means would I want to change my situtation, other than maybe racing pro in Europe. It is just a new type of life I am learning to live. I guess growing pains of starting a career.
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