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Life has been noneventful as far as the blog goes. That is nothing much to post about, just work, some riding, some running and attempts at getting pleanty of sleep. Disclaimer: If you decide to read it, this sudo-review shouldn't spoil it for you. Other than that, I just finished reading book called Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. It was quite good. It basically gives an overview of his career as a cheif economist at a large engineering firm. His job was to basically analyize LDCs (lesser developed countries) that may hold significance to the US government. He would then pitch an overblown infrastructure package to the country that they would pay for using US government loans. The country would eventually be so far in debt that the US would then have enormous pull regarding policy and laws in that country. All the while he was employed by an engineering firm that reaps the benefits of these programs because they are hired to do the work for the US government. Sound outlandish? Sound confusing? He makes a pretty good case for himself (as this non-fiction) and makes it an easy read. I give it 4 out of 5 gold stars, he loses one star because he gets a little whinny near the end feeling bad about what he had done. [Reading Rainbow Music, Geordi LaForge, LeVar Burton] "But don't take my word for it..."
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