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This could go on my tech blog but I it fits in here under the "weird shit" category. Here is what I got: "mauve umbrella. The vile Faggot, who was none other than Koroviev, shouted : 'There, ladies and gentlemen, is your revelation for you, as requested so insistently by Arkady Apollonich!' 'How dare you hit Arkady Apollonich, you little baggage? ' said the wife grimly, rising in the box to her full gigantic height. The young girl was seized with another outburst of Satanic laughter. 'I've as much right,' she replied laughing, ' to hit him as you have! ' A second dull crack was heard as another umbrella bounced off Arkady Apollonich's head. 'Police! Arrest her! ' roared Madame Sempleyarov in a terrifying voice. Here the cat bounded up to the footlights and announced in a human voice : 'That concludes the evening! Maestro! Finale, please! ' The dazed conductor, scarcely aware of what he was doing, waved his baton and the orchestra struck up, or rather murdered a disorganised excuse for a march, normally sung to obscene but very funny words. However, it was quickly gskok tkrksjgk sjjmgkg krk p jg kikfkg j ggjknkik f sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf" I don't have a clue. Quiet possibly the funniest email I have gotten in a while.
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