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True story: Today I went to Rag-o-Rama in the Loop to sell some old clothes that I don't wear anymore. I figure its better than sitting in my closet gathering dust. I wait in line for a bit to have them check my clothes out. I notice those River Front Times "Best of ..." awards on the wall, one for best vitage clothing short another for best place to buy used clothes from various years. It's my turn and I walk up and they begin to inspect. None of my clothes pass! The lady at the counter tells me "We look to purchase new, more recent styles and your items are too old." I take my clothes and leave before I make a scene. Don't get me wrong but I really like Rag-o-Rama and will continue to shop there. But it is a V-I-N-T-A-G-E clothing store, the clothes are suppose to be old. Not a big deal, but if I take these clothes to Good Will and they don't accept them someone is going to hear about it. Thats all. I'm done. Some days I feel like Andy Rooney.
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