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Work has been fairly consuming lately. Work both as in where I am employed and at home. I recent purchased a vehicle and no doubt it is indeed work. More hoops to jump through than the Ringling Brothers Cirus and more bending over backwards than Cirque du Soleil. At any rate, I think I have everything done, insurance and plates are covered. Moreover, I have been working on a few projects. And have found that I seem to write code between midnight and 2am better than anyother time during the day. Works for me... While I am at it here are a few things that have been on my mind lately: 1) NSA wiretaps, which are much more than mere wiretaps regardless what CNN tells you. They are monitoring all internet traffic too, with stations at sigificant points on the internet. One of these monitoring stations is rumored to be in an A&TT NOC (Network Operations Center) in Bridgeton, Mo. The system they use to monitor traffic is very impressive and is commercially available. It's made by a company named Narus. It can reconstruct email, VOIP (voice over IP) and just about anything in real time as it traverses the net. So it's likely if you live in Western parts of STL you have been "listened" to and had your emails read by the NSA. 2) The Da Vinci Code, is just a movie regardless what anyone tells you. I'm not sure if people realize this or not but the Da Vinci Code was a book before it was a movie (why the debate wasn't started long, long ago when this book hit the New York bestsellers list is unknown to me). If you go to your local bookstore you can find the Da Vinci Code in the fiction section. When I think fiction I am thinking not real, not fact, a story thats not true. I understand that the premise of a movie can be regiliously testing or blastfamous, many are. But that doesn't make what they say in the movie true or the intent of the movie to sway an individuals religious beliefs. To that extent people should have been equally upset about the movie Encino Man. In this movie two high school students (one of which happens to be the great Pauly Shore) are digging a hole for a pool in their backyard. Eventually they find a frozen caveman. A caveman! That insinuates that evolution is true! If that doesn't have a religious impact I'm not sure what does. So regardless if you think the Bible belongs in the fiction or non-fiction stacks, everyone should be able to agree that the Da Vinci Code is fiction. Here is one piece of non-fiction from the movie: Audrey Tautou is refreshingly attractive.
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