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Ok, so the Tour will be here in a few weeks. Who does everyone have? With Lance gone it is wide open as far as I am concerned. And in light of the recently concluded Tour de Suisse it seems that Jan is still a possibility. Based of recent race performance alone, it seems Basso, Levi and Jan are the men to beat with Valeverde being a long shot. But of course there will be the guys we haven't heard from in a while that will change things up, the Floyd Landis' and Alexandre Vinokourov's of the world will surely have a say in the GC. So if I were a betting man here are my picks: Top 3 Overall GC (in no specific order): -- Jan Ullrich -- Levi Leipheimer -- Ivan Basso Mountains Classification: -- Michael Rasmussen Sprint Classification: -- Tom Booen Young Rider Classication -- Andrei Kashechkin I think that is fairly realistic. But it is always the case of who you want to win and who you think can win. Personally I would like to see other riders fill these spots. I would like to see a Basso, Menchov, Valeverde podium with Levi in a 4th. With McEwen taking the sprints, Rasmussen taking the moutains and Saul Rasin taking the young riders jersey. As open as the tour is this year my "wish" picks may not be too fair off either. At any rate, it's going to be a great tour. Let me know what you think. Who does your bookie have you down for? Did I leave out anyone? Any upsets or unknowns? Horner? Mayo?
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