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So, I've been missing from the cycling scene for a while now mostly due to my lack of training. Which has been caused by my life change and work schedule. But during the time I used to spend cycling for the past two months I have been working on a a project. The project is called Fusik (pronouced like music). Fusik is a website and desktop application that will scan you hard drive for MP3's and then upload a list of them to the website. The website is an online community that will allow you to login and have your playlist online and meet others that listen to similar music and find new music to listen to. Currently, I am probably half way to having something that people could actually use. I had planned to work on this until it was finished and could roll it out to the public. Sadly, I was beat to the punch. A site called Mog has opened its doors and according to this article at MTV they have a service almost identical to the one I had planned to roll out. Although on the bright side their site is not all that popular yet, by no shape or form the size of something like MySpace. I suppose I was a few months too late but I am still have a chance. Needless to say I am a little sad and disappointed. While I will probably continue to work on Fusik, I can't see myself working on it with the furor that I have been the last couple months. Back to the drawing board.
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