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So I'm back on the bike. The week thus far has gone fairly well, including this morning 6.5hrs total ride time. Hopefully this weekend I will get out for a longer ride and build up some desperatly needed endurance. If anyone is interested in a more than 3 hour medium paced ride on Sat or Sun. Let me know. ----- In other news it seems like Saul Rasin is back on his feet according to Cycling News (near the bottom). It's good to hear he is doing well, before you know it he will be back to his winning ways. ----- Also, it looks like the doping situation it getting pretty intense. The news papers in Spain are dropping more names than I think anyone expected. Here's an excerpt from Cycling News. Jan Ullrich, Roberto Heras, Oscar Sevilla, Joseba Beloki, Santiago Botero, Santi PĂ©rez, Tyler Hamilton, Quique Gutierrez and Angel Edo are all mentioned in the 500 page report that will be delivered to the Spanish Secretary of State for Sport, Jaime Lissavetsky. In addition, Spanish radio Cadena Ser mentions that Ivan Basso, Francisco Mancebo, and Rabobank riders Denis Menchov and Juan-Antonio Flecha are on the list. In total, 22 riders scheduled to take part in the Tour de France are on the list of 58. All the riders questioned by journalists so far have denied any involvement in the affair. We can only pray that the allegations are completly false, otherwise we may end up with a situation like Festina but about 100 times worse.
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