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As the title says, I was at work on the forth. I traded Monday for Tuesday, a three day weekend seemed better than coming back and then going on break again. Anywho, this is the view from the roof of my work place. It would have been sweet if those buildings weren't in the way. Nonetheless, still fairly cool. ----- Since Valeverde is out I think Evans will slide into a podium spot. So Landis, Liephimer, and Evans in no specific order. Also, I am surprised by Boonen. While he is wearing the yellow, he doesn't seem all that sharp. Like he is missing that 2% to put himself over the line first instead of third. That may very well improve as the Tour continues. I haven't seen todays race yet, so its possible he will take one this morning. ----- In general, this year's Tour has been a massacare. I feel like I am watching March Madness, in a year full of upsets. Once you think some one looks good they're gone. It happend with Ullrich and Basso before the Tour, now with Valeverde. My question is who will be next?
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