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So, most of you I am sure have heard about the predicament that we are dealing with in regards to North Korea. This is an interesting situation, and I can't help but to think and have though of a time now that our policies are a bit two faced. The situation in North Korea is similar to what was happening in Iraq prior to the war. A country run by a tyrannical leader, human rights violations and the possibility of nuclear weapons. With these similarities in mind, why have we taken such different steps to squash each of these regimes? I do not have the wherewithal to answer that question. But my impression is that Iraq has something we want and is in a place where we want to be. That thing being oil, and the place being the Middle East. North Korea has neither oil nor is it in a strategic (economic, military, etc) location. Legitimately, we began the war in Iraq with less evidence than we currently have on North Korea. Saddam is no doubt a bad leader and the world is better without him in power. We went into Iraq based on our best information (at least I hope). Currently, we not only have information but also have proof that North Korea has missiles or is attempting to create them. "Why haven't we taken the same steps to take Kim Jong-il out of power?" Is a question that I have been asking myself. But a better question is this, "Why didn't we deal with Iraq in the same way we are dealing with North Korea?" I do understand that these are not identical situations, but both happen to be similar unruly regimes. I think a similar multilateral pressure to what we are using against North Korea could have been used against Iraq. We have friends in the Middle East just as we do in the Far East. Israel, Suadi Arabia and others I feel would have came to different degrees of support of our negotiations. This wasn't even attempted and any sorts of policies were "skipped" when we went to Iraq. At any rate, it has been a long time since I can remember agreeing with the foreign policies of the current administration but I do think we (the US) are moving in the right direction with North Korea. At the same time I wonder what happened in Iraq that caused us to act in the way we did.
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