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So, after the first day in the mountains the leaders still remain to be seen. I am starting to think that there is no real leader(s). The way todays stage went gives me two ideas, everyone was looking at someone else to take the helm or everyone is waiting for tomorrows very difficult stage. Hopefully it was the latter. Otherwise it may end up a boring tour with few attacks and a very unexpected podium. At any rate, tomorrow will be interesting. We will finally get to see what Landis can do in the mountains and see what T-Mobile and Disco do to react. Also, I have a hunch that one of those Euskatel riders will pull something off. Probably not Mayo, I am thinking Inaki Isasi or Inigo Landaluze, perhaps even Haimar Zubeldia. We'll see. ----- Also, sorry for the ugliness. The folks that host my CSS (the code that makes my blog pretty) is having issues.
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