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Well, not steriods ... maybe his thyriod. At any rate regardless of the conclusion of Floyd's tests, this sucks. It doesn't matter how you look at it. At this point any notion doping taints the sport, regardless if anyone is positive. Anyway, Velonews has an article on the press conference that Floyd did regarding all of this. There also is an audio clip of it found here. Fairly interesting. Although I don't like the way he answered the question "Did you or have you ever taken performance enhancing drugs...?" He responds with "I'll say no." and then goes on about how he says no eventhough people will think otherwise. To me this sounds a bit shady. I think there is a big difference between "No." and "I'll say no.". This sport is a crap shoot anyway. Training your ass off to be a "tier 2" racer or some other category bullshit. There are pleanty of people that dreamed of being baseball players, they drink beer and play in softball leagues. Cycling is for the people that don't know when to quit. Quit, trying to be faster than the next guy, regardless of what pharmecuticals you have to take. Quit, hammering past people on the bike trail in Forest Park in displays of one-up-manship. Quit, buying exorbitantly expensive bikes because you can, and becuase you have some sort of notion that they make you faster. Quit, riding around in tight pants to display who's got the biggest balls. Because I know who has the biggest balls, I do! By the way, just so Buddy and Mike Weiss know, I will be doping at Gateway Cup. I am currently on a pre-race mix of Amstel and Jack, with a Cortisone chaser. Can't wait to see you there, so I can hip check you into the curb. Whatever. I'm bitter.
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