Joe Williams home
What a night... The last few Thursdays after I get off work around 10:30-11:00 Dan Bischoff and I have gone out bar hopping, although we seem to end up at the Delmar Lounge everytime. As you may expect it is always an enjoyable experience. This weeks episode was no different. Here's a run down: * I met this girl who was at Delmar Lounge with some friends from High School. She went on to tell me that she had gotten a DWI and was arrested last week for drug paraphernalia and driving with a suspended license. * Dan talked to this girl who lived in Australia last summer, when he told her that he knew me from bike racing, she thought motor cycle racing. So I think he got some macho points for that. * We also talked to the older clientele of the Delmar Lounge. She sat down at our table waiting on some friends and soon she was trying to hook us up with her 22 year old daughter. She even brought out the family photo she had in her purse. * We talked to Marylin from Mesa cycles fame. She's living in Florida. * This guy named Shawn sat down with us too. He was hilarious. After observing on his friend dancing up on some woman, he said "There some freaks up in here tonight!". We agreed. As you can see it was an eventfull evening.
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