Joe Williams home
It was a beautiful night tonight, cool with a slight breeze and just enough clouds in the sky to remind you they were there. So I decided to go for a stroll in the central west end. I walk by Culpeppers and surprise surprise, who comes out and talks to me? Thats right the DWI girl from Thrusday night! She said that she was getting off work in an hour and I should come back for a drink. I say, "sure". About an hour later waiting to see if she's around, she comes up to me with a couple friends and says that the place is closing and we probably can't get a drink. I reply "No problem, you headed anywhere?". She has this to say, "Yeah, I'm headed to my friends place." as she points to the guy and girl she is with. I say, "Cool." She replies, "I think we are going to go get high. I geuss I'll see ya around. Bye." "Sounds good, later." I respond. I walk to my car with my hands in my pockets and shaking my head. The End.
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