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If you know me you know I listen to a lot of music. Here's what I have been listening to lately, by no means is much of this "new music", just what has been going on in my head of late. All of which I recommend.
J Dilla : Donuts : Hip-Hop Sounds like: Instrumentals from your dad's collection of dusty records
Murs and the 9th Wonder : Murray's Revenge : Hip-Hop Sounds like: a little like Kanye West if he wasn't a dumb ass
Broken Social Scene : Broken Social Scene : Indie Rock Sounds like: um...Broken Social Scene?
Of Montreal : Sunlandic Twins : Indie Pop Sounds like: The Beatles if they were playing today and were hipsters
Tapes 'n Tapes : The Loon : Indie Rock Sounds like: The Arcade Fire combined with Franz Ferdinand and Modest Mouse, I think If you want to hear what any of these sound like check out Pandora. You can put in a title of a band/artist or the name of a song and it will attempt to create a playlist of music similar to what you entered, starting with a song from that artist. Best of all it's free!
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