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I went bowling with Dan and his brother Alex his wife and her brother last night at the Moolah. Afterwards Dan and I went driving around aimlessly. Something that we discussed is the social status of bowling. It seems to have a special place in the nightlife of Americans. There are very few "sports" that people use as a activity equivilent to going to movies or going to dinner. In fact the only other one that comes to mind is possibly put-put golf and that might be a stretch. But really, why has bowling reached this status? I mean you likely wouldn't take a girl to play 1 on 1 at the local Y or go for a bike ride. At least these are not nearly as common as taking a girl bowling on a date. But this isn't limited to dates and such, it is a night time activity that everyone does regardless of age, race, marital status and creed. My only guess is that in general everyone is equally bad at bowling, so there is little competition. Also, it's turn based play offers plenty of time to talk, drink and enjoy the ones you are with. Most importantly it's cheap and easily accessible. But if you have any ideas let me know.
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