Joe Williams home
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I went back to the place I was born this weekend, the town where I grew up, to visit my family. Murphysboro, IL. A small town in Southern Illinois. Here are some highlights: * My brother John and his wife were in town as well, so I got to hang out with both of my younger brothers. * John had a keen eye Saturday night and noticed a robbery in progress across the street from my parents place at a electrical contractor's shop. My mother was able to call the owner up and he came by and put a stop to it. Apparently it was a woman and child stealing copper wire by the handful. She reportedly even asked the proprietor "Can I keep what I have in my hands?" * John and I both brought our bikes but did not ride. * We made a bonfire Saturday and had an evening by the fire roasting ourselves and various non-meat items. * My father brought the above sign to my attention. This gas station like many new stations these days are in the parking lots of other retail stores (Walmart, Kroger and etc). This one happens to be in the lot of a Mad Pricer. We can only hope that they mean patrons of the grocery store get gasoline with any purchase of food. Otherwise I am unsure of how many people will be getting there banana's and tofu at Tom's Mad Pricer. * I ate at my favorite pizza place, Quatro's, as well as one of my favorite burrito locales, La Bamba's. Pictured below. Their slogan is "Burritos as big as your head!" with good reason.
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