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I got a couple of new albums, Animal Collective Feels and The Mars Volta Amputechture. In both cases I think I like their older stuff better. Then again, a few weeks from now I may come to better understanding of the current releases. If you are in to folk-ier type stuff check out Animal Collective on the second half of this post. If you dig the prog rock start reading immediately below. The Mars Volta Amputechture:
Track 2: Tetragrammaton: LISTEN. The Mars Volta De-loused in the Comatorium:
Track 3: Roulette Dares: LISTEN. In this case I find myself liking the heavier riffs and metal influences from beginning to end of the De-loused in the Comatorium album. I found the new album Amputechture to be a bit "slow" in spots where I would sometimes end up flipping to the next song. I won't say that it is a bad album because it is not, just that the old one may be better. Both albums are engaging in their own respects. --------------------- Animal Collective Feels:
Track 2: Grass: LISTEN. Animal Collective Sung Tongs:
Track 6: Sweet Road: LISTEN. The new album Feels is great but I find the older album Sung Tongs much more accessible and easier to listen to. The newer album has more ambient feel in a "space cadet" kind of way while Sung Tongs has much more of a folk feel to it.
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