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My new shoes came in today! These bad boys are MacBeth Eliot's (velcro version). This is my first pair of MacBeth's (the website is loud) so we will see how they stand up. MacBeth is a pretty interesting shoe company as they have a strong social justice stance. Here is their code of conduct. In addition they make a line of vegan shoes. That means no animal products in the shoes or manufacturing process. All the way down to the glue they are free of animal products. While I am not a vegan, I am a vegetarian and I appreciate the vegan aesthetic and ethic. Not to mention in a very simple way I cannot get over the feeling that it is unnecessary to kill an animal if there is an alternative or replacement for a product originally derived from animal sources. As such I limit my use of animal products and do not eat anything that an animal must be killed to be produced (yes, this includes steak). I am proud to say I can count the amount of leather items I own on one hand (they happen to be only belts and dress shoes). As they wear out I plan to replace them with non-animal alternatives. Next time you slip on a pair of Nike Air's or Rebok Pumps think about who makes them and what they are made of.
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