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It seems that the candidates for the Missouri senator both suck (Claire McCaskill and Jim Talent). I think I will be voting for Dan Bischoff or maybe the check out lady at Target. I don't care, I don't like either of them. Also on a political note, those dang electronic voting machines are a sham. If we get them here in Missouri any time soon I will be boycotting the election until the glaring security/accuracy issues are addressed. Check out the info here: Bruce Schneier and Wired via Boing Boing. It seems that even something as simple receipt is out of the question. My proposal: upon submitting your vote you receive two paper receipts one to turn in to the election official and the other is yours to keep. That way there is something to check in the case of any mischief. From what I understand "Diebold claimed that electronic voting was so foolproof that it would be a needless expense to add any kind of paper-trail to their boxes". [more via Boing Boing] Yeah...ok. ----- Thank goodness the weekend is almost here, work has been nutty this week. Busy as always I suppose. Anyone have plans this weekend? I don't. Maybe do some laundry, hang out with Motorboat and eat some burritos. Thats likely to be the gist of my weekend. Woohoo. Goodnight.
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