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Gillette Fusion. Originally uploaded by zeusfaber.
The Gillette Fusion razor, four blades of battery powered, vibrating luxury. I am a long time Mach 3 user, ever since they sent me one on my 18th birthday (I suppose that marketing tactic worked). I was at Target looking for new blade cartridges and then I saw the new razor with four diabolical blades and a handy trimer on the opposite side. At first I was dumb struck with idea that four blades closer together would work better than three blades further apart. After a week of shaving with it, once with the legs, face and arms, I am pleased. I noticed two things, my skin is smoother, while only by a small amount more than my Mach 3, it was indeed smoother. Second, it seems that I cut myself less. I didn't have any abrasions in the normal locations I usually do. Cool beans. I have not had a chance yet to do a proper longevity test of how long each blade cartridge lasts but from what I can tell so far they will last as long as Mach 3's. Also, I have the electric one that vibrates (I suppose that marketing tactic worked), I don't think this helps the shaving but one thing I do like about the vibrating version is that the handle of the shaver is larger in circumference. I find this nice especially when shaving the legs. If you are in the market for a new "reusable disposable" razor, give the Fusion a shot.
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