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Something I have been thinking about lately is how much we as humans hurt ourselves. I am talking self imposed, voluntary actions we take on ourselves. Stuff like smoking, eating habits and etc. Sometimes I get the feeling that we do these things and then expect that our large brains will get us out of it. Who knows what all the processed food has done to us in the last 20 years, we have no way to measure the prolonged use of these types of foods and more recently genetically modified foods. I mean what if (completely hypothetical) we were never to eat processed food or no one was ever to smoke. These types of things one would think would have to have effect on future generations. Would it be reasonable to think that the cure for cancer has already been found and we ruined it by prolonged exposure to smog? Of course this is all hearsay but I believe it is an interesting notion. Also interesting, is the thought process we have when doing these types of things. It's always a "put off" type of situation, "I can eat the ice cream because I will workout tomorrow". We always seem to know we will fix it later. Which goes back to our "large brains". The entire pharmaceutical industry has been built off of being sick. The enduring successes of the industry can be attributed to two things, our large brains and new sicknesses. As long as we are able to cure whatever the new bad sickness is there will be an industry. So as a result I have to think that our society is both making ourselves sick and healthy at the same time. I guess the big question is, as I proposed earlier, if we weren't to do the bad things we do to ourselves in the first place would we to fix ourselves nearly as often or as seriously? Food for thought.
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