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I picked up a few new albums today (and this week). Here's the run down: ** Tres Records: Shipping and Handling This is a hip-hop compilation from Tres Records, a company started by one half of the People Under the Stairs which I have talked about before. This album is made up of tracks previously only available on vinyl. If you like anyone from Tres Records you will like this album, it's got them all. ----- ** Count Bass D: Act your waist size Count Bass D's latest release. I haven't dug to far into it yet but the beats be sweet so far. If you like Madlib or J Dilla this may be for you. ----- ** Vetiver: To Find Me Gone Second album from a band that is better without Devendra Banhart. If you like Sufjan Stevens or Iron and Wine you should check them out. ----- ** Wolf Parade: Wolf Parade EP and Apologies to Queen Mary Their most recent self titled EP and first full length release. Crazy indie rock from the Canadians. If you are into Arcade Fire you will probably dig this. ----- ** Architecture in Helsinki: In Case We Die and Fingers Crossed Two albums, Australian twee pop at it's finest. If you like Belle and Sebastian or Acid House Kings there is probably a good chance you will like these guys. ----- ** Explosions in the Sky: The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place and Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever Two albums from the instrumental, post-rock band from Austin. Think Mars Volta minus the high pitched lead singer and a bit less harsh.
I would post links to sample MP3's but most of these bands have samples on there websites and I am tired after all the linking I just did.
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