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I left St Louis this morning to spend Thanksgiving with the family. I had planned to bring the cat along but he didn't want to come, or at least it didn't seem like it. I put him in the car for the short 2 hour drive. Before getting off my street he was whining like a big baby. By the time I reached Grand and 40 he had pooped in the back seat, so I took him home and filled his water and food bowls and then was back on the road. Finally, I got to my parents place in time for the food and completely ready for the holiday and some R&R. Dinner was all vegetarian other than the obligatory turkey. It's nice when you have all you can eat and you can eat all of it.
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After dinner and clean up we went for a nice evening ride to work off some of the heft we acquired. All in all a great Thanksgiving.
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