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I haven't posted a good story in a long while. Here it is, Clayton. Early into my college career I decided to never choose my roommate. I figured I would learn a lot and meet people I wouldn't have otherwise associated with. My senior year my roommate was a man named Clayton Wadsworth. He was an aerospace engineer. I soon found out he had a bad reputation. Not in the sense of "bad boy gangsta" or as a thief but as in roommate that doesn't shower, is antisocial and is silent. This was also the kid, which I found out to be true, that corrects the professor and then laughs at their error. I moved in first. Got the bottom bunk because I never had the bottom before. I had a few days of peace before he moved in. As prescribed I had a few days of peace even after he moved in, beyond the initial meet and greet, it was silent. Eventually, we did indeed talk, share jokes (all of which were really bad) and actually get along. Considering that I talk a lot and he talks very little, it worked out very well for us. I found the rumors to be untrue, he does take showers, at least one a day. This pleased me greatly. Additionally, he liked to keep a tidy room this also was pleasing. As nerdy as it may sound, what brought us together was our interest in math, science and video games. I feel we had a certain respect, while we didn't know anything about each others fields of studies (mine being computers) we could both see that we love and have a passion for what we do. Not everything was just peachy keen. His antisocial behavior was an issue on a few occasions. One spring night, I decided to have friends over to watch the recently released, remastered Star Wars movies. Dan, Dan, Riley and Nick where their for the festivities. We ordered pizza and had a jolly time, until Clayton came home from studying. When he came in the dorm room, he was startled that I wasn't alone. I explained that we were watching Star Wars expecting him to sit down and join in. This is not how Clayton works. This little movie time was not on his terms, he couldn't handle it. He but his books away and checked his email and walked to the door, as if he was leaving. He then turned around, walked back down the hall. Then turned around and walked back. He was pacing. After a couple minutes we started to take notice. We look at each other and then him and then "The Empire Strikes Back". We continue as we were, with one eye on Clayton, one eye on the movie and one eye on each other. This lasts for an uncomfortable twenty minutes, with him taking his jacket and leaving. None of us are sure what we just saw but we knew it wasn't good. Later that year, I learned something else about people. Specifically, smart kids, nerds whatever you want to call them. It is that they fall into the same traps that the popular kids do. Same trap different content. I shave my head, it's cheap, it's easy, it's makes me think that my receding hair line is less noticeable. I can't see the back of my head. On this occasion I had let my hair grow for much too long and need his assistance to "square off" the back. He obliges. We take care of it, nothing is said. A few days later, a coworker of mine and classmate of Clayton, lets me know that he thought it was cute that Clayton helped me cut my hair. Apparently my socially inept roommate likes to gossip. This came to my surprise. Living with him nearly two semesters I did not see this coming. I never told him about this. But from then on, I knew it was all a front. He may be a geek but he does not lack social skills. He only chooses to talk to certain people and his group is much smaller than the "average" person.
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