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It's been a nutty week, late nights, overload at work and snow of all things have kept me from being much of a good blogger lately. On the bright side my custom Co-Motion frame should be in at any time at the Hub and to boot I have a three day weekend (which I completely could use right now). Other than that things have been fairly normal. Oh and don't forget to wish Dan a happy birthday!! -------------

Another thing, I am sure you have probably heard of the whole bomb scare thing in Boston (LINK via Wired, LINK via BoingBoing!). I can't help but to think it is a complete overreaction and ignorance of the Boston police. It's also really amazing that our country is such a state that we cannot see one abnormality and not think it is a terrorist plot. Fear mongering comes to mind. Oh and I also heard that the signs have been around for 2 weeks in Boston, so why the hoopla now? Dumb. Also, anyone who says "Well, I'm not doing anything wrong, why should I care if the government taps my phone calls and reads my emails?" This is a perfect example of why. These guys were doing nothing wrong, maybe something a little mischievous but no worse than your neighbor letting their dog poop on the side walk (day after day) and they are being arrested and whatnot. Next thing you know graffiti will be considered a terrorist act. Dumb. Screw you terrorists! And an up yours to the media and government officials that feed this mindset of fear. Living in fear is not a life for me.


*Disclamer: I am a fan of ATHF and watch it on a regular basis.
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